Create financial solutions with a global user base of 10 million by 2025

Our goal is to make the world a better place by providing people all around the world with financial solutions that make their lives happier. Starting with asset management, we aim to achieve that goal by creating solutions that solve finance-related problems in every facet of people’s lives around the world—from childcare and education to career development, marriage, and building assets. In working toward our goal of solving more people’s problems, our emphasis is on acquiring more users of our financial solutions and growing the size of our business as can be measured by sales. From a financial perspective we aim to continuously incorporate next-generation technologies, question conventional wisdom and practices, and lead the way in innovation that enhances customer value and convenience.

We will grow into a global company with a global customer base, which employs exceptional human resources from around the world who fulfill their responsibilities as true professionals—holding discussions, making decisions, and putting them into practice—in order to turn our vision into reality. As the first step in our vision, we will create financial solutions with a global user base of 10 million by 2025.