INV inc.

“Multinational Organizations” “Diverse Philosophies” “To Each Their Own Workstyle” “Flexible Forms of Employment” Making Origami-like Diversity Our Strength.

Our Symbolic Logo

Under the themes of diversity, innovation, and reliability, this logo was designed to symbolize Japan’s traditional cultural practice of origami which is well-recognized throughout the world.

Diversity in particular is a very important keyword to the future development of our business. It is not only a characteristic of our group of companies, but also one of our strengths. This concept is consistent with the way a single sheet of origami paper changes into various forms that express various things.

At the same time, the upward-sloping form expresses limitless growth and the wings of progress soaring toward new stages.

INV inc.

Our Corporate Colors

Orange was chosen as the main color righteousness and passion, while blue-gray was chosen as the sub-color expressing calm and soundness. Together, the colors express an image of soundness in decision making while also radiating passion.

The blue-gray symbolizing calm and soundness also resembles the blue of the dawn sky, while the main color orange symbolizing righteousness and passion resembles the color of the rising sun. The logo thus altogether symbolizes the shining sun rising over the horizon at daybreak. This image represents the new stage of our existence, our “Second Founding” which we now embark upon. This rising sun embodies our expectations and determination to take on new challenges, that its light may make the world a better place.