“Bringing Australia to the World” Invast Overseas Business and Future Perspective

Invast Financial services Pty Ltd. CEO

Gavin White

1.What does IFS do?

IFS is a diversified global business which serves financial products to a diverse range of clients. These clients fall into two broad segments. The first wholesale segment includes hedge funds, asset managers and retail brokerage firms in every region of the world. The second segment covers the provision of CFD trading services directly to sophisticated traders in Australia.

IFS also provides end-to-end trading solutions for the INV Inc group of companies, helping INV Inc achieve our stated vision and global mission. IFS is responsible for ensuring the technology, infrastructure, commercial arrangements with investment bank partners and contracts with software vendors are implemented and maintained to the highest institutional standards for the benefit of the INV Inc group of companies. With our institutional expertise, IFS provides significant diversification benefits to the Group, in the form of revenue streams, client types, client locations and trading products. IFS will also form the foundation for the executing the global expansion plans of the INV Inc group.

We serve thousands of clients around the world and have built a reputation in the industry as a firm that embodies a strong global culture that respects individuals from all walks of life, that strives to provide the highest quality of service, with transparency, integrity and sustainability.

2. What makes IFS unique in choice?

We have a unique mix of Japanese and Western expertise. We are a talented, multicultural team that respects integrity and an attention to detail and high standards in our service. We have a genuine commitment to the success of our clients. We have a culture which is relaxed, but highly professional. This approach is the secret behind our success, and this has been borne out in the numerous global awards IFS has been proud to have won over the past 7 years

3. Which countries are your clients based in?

Our institutional clients are predominantly based in the major financial centres around the world. The UK and Europe account for approximately 50% of our client trading volumes. Withing Europe IFS has clients in Germany, Greece, Cyprus. The major financial centres in Asia including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia accounting for much of the remainder.

4. What are your views on the Market growth?

Vast. The online trading industry has grown immensely since inception in the late 1990’s. With recent advances in technology and changes in lifestyles and working environments, online trading and investing continues to grow strongly across the world.

This is a great environment for our retail businesses in Japan and Australia. But it is also a good thing for the brokerage clients of IFS. It is an incredibly exciting opportunity for INV Inc.

5. Where do your strengths lie in IFS?

Undoubtedly our strength is driven by the depth of experience in our employees. We have focused on building a hand-picked team of specialists, mainly recruited from the Tier 1 investment banks. We are committed to our goals, which call for continued scaling up of our business globally and the constant expansion and improvement of our products and services.

The credit for the success of IFS should go to the culture implemented across the INV Inc group which focuses on providing products and solutions of the highest quality to clients.

This approach aims to deliver long term value to clients and shareholders. It is a culture of fairness, transparency, respect. At its core, it is simply a belief that we can work to enrich our families, enrich our clients and ultimately make the world a better place.

INV Inc is a group that I am proud to represent.

6. Where do you see IFS’s future?

Our prospects are very promising.

IFS will continue to expand our presence in the institutional brokerage space, both in terms of our product offering and our geographical reach. In 2021, we plan to open at least one office in Europe. This office will service our UK and European client base. The office will also provide efficient European timezone support for our Asia- based offices.

At the same time, we are expanding our product coverage into a wider range of asset classes and bespoke, structured instruments.

Finally, we plan to utilize our expertise in financial markets execution and operational support to launch new businesses and access new client bases.

7. Has IFS received any accolades?

We have been very fortunate over the past 7 years that our clients have been keen and vocal supporters. Our peers in the industry also appreciate that we are playing a crucial and innovative role in the evolution of institutional brokerage around the world. As a result we have won numerous accolades over the years.

Most recently, we won the following highly reputable industry awards:

FX-Markets, Asia – Best FX Prime-of-Prime 2020

HFM Awards, Asia – Best Boutique Prime Broker 2020

Hedgeweek – Best Specialist Market Prime Broker 2020

Hedgeweek – Best Specialist Market Prime Broker 2019

8. What are your views on Financing?

Finance is interesting for many reasons, but one of the main reasons I find it interesting (and some people might argue against me here) is that finance is democratic and merit-based.

The modern finance industry is open to all (who have the good fortune to be able to access the appropriate education).

It is a game of numbers and black and white outcomes. If you are naturally talented in finance, you can succeed regardless of your background

9. Are there any improvements you think could be beneficial to Japanese Financial Markets?

The Japanese financial markets are highly regulated and scrutinized. In fact, in many areas of financial markets governance, Japan is 5 years ahead of the rest of the world.

So, I don’t think there is anything significant to be improved, just a continued focus to maintain the good reputation Japan has in this regard.

10. What intrigues you about Japan?

Japan intrigues me. And always will.

As an 18 year old, I won a “scholarship’ to visit Japan as part of a home-stay and “Sister City” program between Sydney and Tokyo. I did not have a particular passion for Japan, I didn’t speak Japanese and I had very little knowledge of the lifestyle and culture (there was no internet in those days!)

From the moment I arrived, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the friendliness and generosity of the people I met. It was a life-changing and inspiring experience. Our cultures are very different, but underneath that, we are exactly the same. It is hard to properly convey the power of that realization. To make unexpected, deep connections half a world away from home is transformative and was part of the range of experiences I was lucky enough to have at a young age, that showed me the world was a good place, an exciting place where I could achieve whatever I wanted.

I am incredibly grateful to have had that early life experience in Japan and I appreciate immensely the many people in Japan who made that experience a possibility.